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Marshall Paepke
Principal Advisor
Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 2.56.05 PM.png

Nothing excites Marshall more than smart business people who discover even smarter business solutions together. As Principal Advisor, it’s a trait he’s passed along to the rest of the 20-20 Advisors & Utah Business Group family.

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Samantha Jones
Executive Assistant

Samantha thrives on great teams and appreciates the opportunity to work alongside great Advisors that have high-energy. She strives to create positive results every day. 

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Justin Crawford
Marketing Advisor

 Justin thrives on all things Utah. By month 7 he acquired 36K unique visitors online, engaging  236 companies, assisting start-ups and mid-size companies with their business marketing plans, customer journey, & digital marketing strategies. 

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Trevor Sinclair
Account Specialist

Everything about Trevor is development. Building organizations, automating processes, and follow up are the keys to what makes Trevor tick. He loves his role and knows how to compliment his teammates for their successes.

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