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Strategic Planning

Reset your approach to spend more time “in” your business than working “on” your business. Focus your company’s energy and operations to get the outcomes you need based on practical and academic best practices gleaned from Utah Business Group experts.

STL Training Program

When leaders understand and practice the strategies and skills of emotional intelligence, organizations win big. This professional course helps create a culture and environment where people can thrive.


Organizational Consulting

For businesses facing unfamiliar challenges or wanting a fresh take on pursuing their plans for growth. We engage with organizations of all sizes to bring insights to leadership and operational strategies.

Executive and
Team Coaching

Certified in industry-leading coaching models, Utah Business Group helps executives identify and strengthen core leadership skills. Teams learn to embrace a shared purpose and collaborate in empowering new ways



Business leaders don’t get where they are by accident. Continued success requires continual effort. We help you see a new perspective, challenge assumptions, identify key issues, and develop a plan to excel amidst business challenges.


Glass Buildings

Client Success Story

"...Marshall and his team have a way of asking the right questions and honing in on what really matters. We are a group of strong personas, the team understands how to get what they need from each of us and make certain everyone’s voice has resonated. It was inspiring to participate and accumulate pathways I will work into my own visioning sessions with Client stakeholders.


Marshall Paepke’s unassuming and genuine nature instills immediate trust. He is genuinely curious about what is imperative to his clients. He seeks to understand and asks the meaningful questions that allow him to dig deep – resulting in “Ah ha” moments One does not realize they were searching for when they answer.


Marshall has become a trusted advisor and valued friend."

—Marbe, Principal over WorkplaceMethod Studio



Your career, your strengths, your future are unlike any other. Let us help you shape them with an incredibly personalized program. Call (801)580-9023 to talk about what you want to achieve, email us, or schedule your preferred time to meet below.

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